"Thank you for a wonderful party. Michelle was brilliant especially since there was a wide variety of ages present. The kids loved the animals
and Emma had a ball.

Please thank Michelle for us!
You have wonderful staff!!"

on our presenters

I just wanted to send you a big thank you. Elyse was absolutely super, she is so good at her job! She fielded some unusual questions from the kids and shared so much age appropriate information with them (and the adults learned a thing or two as well!). She made sure everybody was included and we all thought she was just fantastic. It was a great party because of Geckoes Wildlife, all the kids had a great time. Samson was absolutely thrilled.

Thank you again, we couldn’t be happier, it was brilliant!

 As the owners of Geckoes Wildlife we are passionate about Wildlife Education and keen to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with others.


As someone who’s spent his whole life working with native wildlife, Martin Fingland (co-owner of Geckoes Wildlife) has a wealth of experience and stories to share. Martin's qualifications include an environmental degree and many years working as a park ranger and a wildlife curator.

Co-owner of Geckoes Wildlife, Kirstan Roberts, as well as being an experienced presenter with 12 years in the business, is your friendly first point of contact for party, school and display enquiries and bookings. Kirstan has also been responsible for hand raising some of our favourite animals, notably Amber the Golden Brushtail and Jess the Barking Owl.

Contact us:


Kirstan 0432 953 797

Martin 0410 013 811


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