Want a party to remember with some really wild guests?

We bring our quietest animals to your special day. Meet and pat cute marsupials and a tawny frogmouth (bird), a croc, pythons, lizards and turtles. It’s an up close, tactile experience with plenty of opportunities for photos and a chance for the birthday person to hold that special animal. Parties generally run for one hour and we do have some specific requirements to ensure the welfare of our animals and the safety of your guests.

We also offer wombat and owl ‘experiences’ where we bring your favourite animal/s for a unique and indulgent ‘one on one’ encounter with either Bumpy the Bare nosed wombat, or our beautiful owls Jess, Jara and Jasper. Ideal for most ages especially for that special someone who loves animals!

For a truly unique wildlife experience, contact Geckoes Wildlife today!

Wildlife education that's wildly entertaining!

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