• Lecturing and workshops

    We can provide tertiary and technical level lecturing and undertake staff and volunteer training sessions across a wide range of topics such as wildlife identification and awareness, fauna forensics, husbandry, care, rehabilitation and release techniques.

    Click here for some suggested lecturing and workshop topics.

  • Reptile and fauna training

    Martin is a qualified TAFE lecturer currently teaching Basic, Advanced and Commercial reptile courses in Queensland. These courses are designed to assist people wanting to obtain recreational or commercial reptile licences, or provide skills for staff undertaking spotter catcher activities, wildlife surveys and identification.

  • Wildlife for filming and photography

    Our wildlife is available for use in still photography and filming. Our presenters are experienced ‘on camera’ and have appeared in many television programs. Find out more here

  • Catching and handling products for sale

    We have developed and supply a range of catching and handling aids. Please contact Martin on 0410 013 811 for more information.

Contact us:


Martin 0410 013 811


Snake catching tools

We sell a full range of snake catching tools – hooks, capture bags, grippers, etc.